Customize your Hino with the best accessories in the business

A Hino truck is more than just the best medium-duty truck on the market. It's someone’s office. For some, it's an entire business. That's why Hino Central Langley provides the very best in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and after-market accessories for your Hino.

  • Exterior

    Aluminium Wheels

    One-piece Aloca aluminum wheel's known for their strength, durability, and shine. Proprietary MagnaForce™ alloy technology helps shed even more weight on each wheel, without compromising its strength. The result, you can carry more cargo every time you are on the road.

    Bug Screen/Winter Fronts

    In the winter with temperatures averaging well below zero we have created an exceptionally good winter front to keep your vehicle protected from winters harsh temperatures.

    Aluminium 55 Gallon Fuel Tank (COE)

    Available to specific cab over engine models additional 55 gallon aluminum fuel tank for the extra mileage.

    Dual Tank MDT

    Additional fuel tanks for the long haul. ** Dual Tank (50 x 2, 90 x 1).

    Window Ventilators

    Tinted acrylic design to reduce glare for driver and passenger windows. Mounts easily and directly into the window channel for security and durability over the long haul.

    Locking DEF Cap

    DEF tank can be locked for added security.

    Backup Camera

    Reverse Camera fully compatible with Hino's multimedia system allows up to two camera connections. The camera offers 130 degree horizontal viewing angle mirror image, tilt and swivel mount included.

    Air Deflector (MDT)

    Excellent cab-to-roof fit for maximum aerodynamic benefits. Provides excellent "billboard" location for promoting your business with your logo.

  • Interior

    Sirius Satellite Radio

    SiriusXM features endless audio entertainment, with exclusive programming available in your Hino truck anytime and anywhere.